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Released twice a year, KALEIDOSCOPE is a meeting place for a global community of creative minds, drawn by an audacious art direction and ever-surprising contributions from visionary artists, writers and image-makers. The magazine’s experimental approach also expands to our creative projects in print, online and live—as is best exemplified by the programming of Spazio Maiocchi, our home and exhibition space in Milan, and our annual festival Manifesto, inaugurated in 2019 at Lafayette Anticipations in Paris. Believing that artists are the real truth-tellers and agents of change, our work puts their vision and creativity front and center—a constant reminder about the importance of pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.

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Sterling Ruby

House to the KALEIDOSCOPE studio and exhibition space, Spazio Maiocchi is a cross-disciplinary social space where art, design and fashion blend to shape new cultural experiences. Originating from the convergence of visionary founding partners Carhartt WIP and Slam Jam, the space is hosted in a building of over 1000 square meters in central Milan, renovated and repurposed by architect Andrea Caputo. Since its breakout opening in October 2017, KALEIDOSCOPE co-curates the programming of exhibitions and events, building an ever-growing, culturally conscious and new-generation audience in Italy’s fashion and design capital. Exhibited artists include Sterling Ruby, H.R. Giger, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Anna Uddenberg, Arthur Jafa, Virgil Abloh, Timur Si-Qin, Tobias Spichtig, and Darja Bajagić.

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Sterling Ruby H R 12 1920x1280
Tobias spichtig DSC6832
Tobias Spichtig DSC9754 1
01 Kaleidoscope Yung Lean Szanetti 74
01 Kaleidoscope Yung Lean Szanetti 138
1999 DSC6768
Haunter Records DSC5129
Korakrit arunanondchai DSC9739 1
Korakrit arunanondchai DSC9683 1 1
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Coming of age DSC4180 1920x1280
Coming of age DSC4085 1920x1280
Spaziomaiocchi Kaleidoscope Issue33 DSC8394
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Anna uddenberg DSC6024
Jafa Billboard
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Our creative studio offers a full suite of in-house capabilities to brands, art institutions and private organizations in need of a creative and globally-networked consulting team. Selected clients include Gucci, RIMOWA, Nike, Moncler, and Carhartt WIP, among others.

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