Almanac of Contemporary Aesthetics
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Throughout April 2020, due to the temporary closure of the space, Spazio Maiocchi presented a one-month digital initiative curated by KALEIDOSCOPE.

Spazio Maiocchi launched a series of digital commissions curated by KALEIDOSCOPE, inviting visual artists from different countries and generations, and practicing in different media, to virtually take over the space’s iconic billboard. While the space remained closed to the public in compliance with the national lockdown guidelines, this digital initiative wished to foster participation and creative exchange, and redefine the role of today's cultural institutions beyond the physical realm.

Mario Ayala billboard2Tobias Zienoly2Google stain2Frida 2 2TORBJORN A 2TORBJORN A 2

The artists who took part in the digital program included Los Angeles-based artist Mario Ayala (American, b. 1991), Berlin-based Tobias Zielony (German, b.1974), Houston-based Mark Flood (American, b. 1957), Oslo-based Frida Orupabo (Norwegian-Nigerian, b. 1981), Los Angeles-based Torbjørn Rødland (Norwegian, b. 1970) and Amsterdam-based artist collective Metahaven.

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