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The second installment of our partnership with Off-White and Farfetch sees the duo team up with Rinse France to bring its audience a radio show like no other. We take a closer look at Virgil Abloh's muses, from DJs to musicians, as they wear the label's latest collection.

Fiona Zanetti, DJ and model

“Music opens my horizons and allows me to be in contact with inspiring souls and artists. lt's all about the moment of communion, the energy exchange, and losing yourself to surprising new sounds and feelings. Moving to Paris and getting into DJing led me to meet the Rinse team - they are bringing people from different musical backgrounds together into a big strong community, a family even.The Imaginary FM pop-up radio at rue de Castiglione, co-curated with Virgil, was full of life and talent - the energy was unmatched. Far me, it's necessary to merge [fashion and music] to have the most memorable experience.”


Banga, DJ & producer

“After months of lockdown, I felt alive again linking up with musicians and creatives f or Imaginary FM - it really felt like our underground community radio for a day. The Paris club scene has been into hip-hop these past years but recently a new sound has been taking over - electronic music with Black influences from around the world, notably Nigeria, Angola, South Africa and Brazil. My creative practice is quite instinctive; it can start with a simple idea or a dream or a place in nature. Experimentation has a lot to do with taking risks and being curious, trying and learning.”


Bonnie Banane, singer-songwriter

“My work has a lot to do with poetry. I'd say it' s a taste for loneliness first, then I balance it with diverse collaborations. All of my work is guided by my intuition. My main goal is to synthesize my feelings and thoughts, go simple and deep. Experimentation allows singularity, originality and that' s what I appreciate the most, art-wise. Entertainment is the main key. We have to maintain this state of fun and pleasure for ourselves so we can transfer it to the audience. I really look forward to traveling again: to taste and learn new stuff, to release a couple more songs, to find new ways to help, to be more gentle.”


Photography by Thibaut Grevet

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