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KALEIDOSCOPE teamed up with Lafayette Anticipations – Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, on a multi-disciplinary program of public events taking place in Paris from 17–19 May 2019.

The first edition of the festival—co-curated by KALEIDOSCOPE’s creative director Alessio Ascari and editor-at-large Myriam Ben Salah with Lafayette Anticipation’s director François Quintin in 2019—brought together some of the most interesting and influential figures on the contemporary creative scene over three days of talks, screenings, workshops and performances.

The core theme of the first edition of KALEIDOSCOPE MANIFESTO was ON COLLABORATION. As the “collab” mentality becomes the biggest trend across fashion and design, it is important to emphasize how collaboration between artists and creative heads from different fields has been a staple of contemporary art since the 20th century. Today, as the figure of the “author” becomes increasingly hybrid and collective, we witness the shift from a linear creation of value onto a “constellar” one that relies on curiosity, reciprocity and mutual inspiration, at times resulting into enduring synergies which open up an entirely new world for the artists involved.

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Over three days of encounters, KALEIDOSCOPE MANIFESTO activated the core functions of Lafayette Anticipations, turning the OMA building into a machine for collective production of ideas, and the temporary home of a spontaneous community.

Artists, thinkers and creators participating in the festival include Virgil Abloh, Amnesia Scanner, Neïl Beloufa, Black Radical Imagination, Le Cinéma Club, Yussef Dayes, Simon Denny, DIS, Romain Gavras, Invernomuto, Kelsey Lu, Red Lebanese, Melika Ngombe Kolongo, James Richards, Cali Thornhill-Dewitt, Total Luxury Spa and Young Girl Reading Group, among others.

The visual identity and digital presence of KALEIDOSCOPE MANIFESTO was designed by Berlin-based creative studio Sucuk und Bratwurst.

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In the first and second floors of the building, Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist Cali Thornhill Dewitt presented Disaster Exercise, an installation of posters pairing provocative imagery culled from the Internet with word plays lifted from news headlines.

On the first floor, Young Girl Reading Group, an artist duo founded in 2013 by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, presented their new performative installation, SULK III: And all that you Change Changes me, centered on a newly developed fragrance called RYXPER 1126AE.

On the second floor, Chicago native artist-designer Virgil Abloh presented “12-INCH-VOICES,” a newly commissioned sound sculpture produced with the support of The Vinyl Factory, combining a minimalistic shape with the function of a powerful sound system.

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Co-Ideology: Perks and Problems of Sharing
Writer and editor Caroline Busta (New Models) spoke with artists Neïl Beloufa and Simon Denny as well as the artist-collective Young Girl Reading Group about the terms of collaboration today. Not only do each of these panelists have practices that require the coordination of many different co-producers but the subjects they engage and the performances they stage are often sited in various parts of the world, including regions where notions of individual and collective, authorship and ownership vary greatly.

Images on the Move: Between Art and Cinema
Over the past twenty years the dialogue between art and cinema has been presented as of the most refreshing and innovative among disciplines, triggering specific exhibitions, new festival sections, studies, publications, symposia and enthusiastic debates. Images are in the move. Where are they headed? Who is really challenging them, be artists or art-house filmmakers? How? Tate curator Andrea Lissoni moderated a discussion with art collective DIS, director Romain Gravas, and curators Amir George (Black Radical Imagination) and Marie-Louise Khondji (Le Cinéma Club).

The Sonic Eye: A New Intermedia Avantgarde
Spotlighting the increasing overlap and interplay between these liminal fields across the work of a new generation of artists, editor and independent curator Francesca Gavin brought together artists and practitioners—James Richards, Invernomuto (Simone Bertuzzi and Simone Trabucchi) and Melika Ngombe Kolongo aka Nkisi—who in different ways each further an experimental practice at the intersection of contemporary art and sound, opening up a hybrid space for intermedia experimentation.

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Curated by DIS
For nearly a decade, DIS has continuously embraced, engaged, and reinvented new platforms for the production, dissemination, and discussion of contemporary art. Through their own hybrid practice, DIS enhances and amplifies the possibilities and capabilities of art, and its role in the artistic, commercial, and public spheres—folding all into one. The film program presented on the occasion of the festival featured a variety of recent films produced by—a streaming platform for edutainment.

Curated by Le Cinéma Club
Founded and curated by Marie Louise Khondji, Le Cinéma Club is a streaming platform for independent films. Presenting one film every week for free, the platform celebrates new talents, rare gems and discoveries, offering a dynamic online cinema space for diverse and original voices. The selection presented at Lafayette Anticipations, varying in genre and length, explored the diversity of collaboration in film, a form constantly open to new configurations and combinations of authorship and inspiration, expanding the boundaries of an inherently collaborative medium.

Curated by Black Radical Imagination
Black Radical Imagination presents a program of visual shorts that delve into the worlds of new media, video art, and experimental narrative. Focusing on new stories within the diaspora, each artist contributes their own vision about post-modern society through the state of current black culture. Curated by Erin Christovale and Amir George, Black Radical Imagination focuses on the aesthetics of Afro-futurism, Afro-surrealism, and the magnificent through the context of cinema.

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LA-based streetwear brand Total Luxury Spa explores and advocates for stories from the past, narratives from a utopian future and the people, movements and communities that shape social consciousness. At Lafayette Anticipations, the brand’s founders Hassan Rahim and Daniel Desure set up a T-shirt screen printing workshop in collaboration with the Kouches, a Moroccan family who owns a grocery store in Paris, to explore their family’s history and create a shirt dedicated to this family business. All proceeds went back to the Kouche family.

Founded in 2012 in Paris, Red Lebanese is an independent publishing house and music label that promotes artists’ work by producing and distributing limited–edition publications. The publisher took part in the festival by hosting a three-day zine workshop in the museum’s printing lab, producing micro-publications on site. On the occasion of this residency, Red Lebanese brought together artists Melchior Tersen, Yamandu Roos, Quentin Euverte and Pablo Jomaron.

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Floating in a nebulous space between R&B, indie and classical, avant-garde cellist, singer and composer Kelsey Lu refuses to settle itself into a simple categorization. Her debut album Blood prompts a recognition of the pain in the darker side of life, and finding the strength to move through it.

Founded in 2014 by Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, Amnesia Scanner is a Berlin-based music duo whose approach is informed by a unique perspective on technology and the way it mediates the contemporary experience. The avant-EDM productions of their debut album Another Life evocatively explore a schizophrenic present marked by narratives of a slow apocalypse or salvation via technology, trill hope and casual threat.

British drummer and percussionist Yussef Dayes is part of a new generation of musicians who are reviving the London jazz scene. Formerly one half of the celebrated jazz-funk duo Yussef Kamaal, Dayes recorded his first live solo entitled“Love is The Message” at legendary recording studio Abbey Road in 2018, in collaboration with jazz producer and musician Alfa Mist, and guitarist Mansur Brown.

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Main partner: The Vinyl Factory
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