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Nike x Matthew M. Williams 005 Yoga Collection

Presented at Spazio Maiocchi, curated by KALEIDOSCOPE and supported by SLAM JAM

On 11–12 December 2021, NIKE and Slam Jam presented an immersive event at Spazio Maiocchi to celebrate the launch of MMW 5.0 Yoga, a new collection designed by Matthew M. Williams.

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Advancing an expanded, holistic perception of wellness—one that is not based purely on physical performance, but rather embraces both mind and body—this collection looks at yoga as a tool for the creative visionary to realize their potential through discipline, immersion, and progress.

At Spazio Maiocchi, an installation by artist and film-maker Sharna Osborne provided the setting for two days of immersive yoga sessions led by London-based teacher Sorcha Finch. Through the lens of heatmap cameras, we see the body respond to breathing techniques, dynamic asana, and meditation.

Photography Teo Poggi

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Shying away from the pop-cultured version of yoga, the installation reconnected the discipline to an idea of creative avant-garde. The soundscape is created by Sierra Leone-born, New York-based artist and music producer Lamin Fofana, whose practice aims to “create a space of encounter where people collectively listen, dream, and think the unthinkable.”

Installation views T-Space

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The multisensory experience, curated by KALEIDOSCOPE, continued into the gallery space with a cool-down area created by Paris-based design firm Avoir. Employing light, smell, and atmosphere, and with a seating arrangement inspired by zen meditation, this environment also hosted an intimate dinner focused on ideas of seasonality and sustainability, with a menu inspired by the seven Chakras and the elements of fire, earth, and air.

Photography Benoit Florençon

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