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In January 2020 KALEIDOSCOPE presented HI IS JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR HELLO, the first solo exhibition by Swiss artist Tobias Spichtig at Spazio Maiocchi, Milan.

Tobias spichtig DSC6832

The show HI IS JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR HELLO—featuring a series of new paintings and a site-specific installation of disused electric appliances—expands on Spichtig’s ongoing fascination with environmental interventions, conceived as claustrophobic scenarios where the viewer feels like an intruder.

Inspired by tattoos, typography and ornaments, Spichtig’s paintings investigate the duality of the sign, intended both as global and personal at the same time. The canvases—deriving from vinyl prints of appropriated images and iPhone shots heat pressed onto the surface and subsequently painted with oil—investigate the nature of the painting as the ultimate luxury: an image that will last forever.

Spichtig’s works are often installed in spaces that he fills wall-to-wall with multiples of a single type of domestic consumer good—mattresses, kitchen tables, refrigerators, couches—so that the paintings themselves are partially blocked from the visitor’s view. In his exhibition at Spazio Maiocchi, the artist will incorporate a wall of second-hand air conditioners, a discarded commodity chosen for the immaterial, invisible quality of its task: transforming air and energy.

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Photography by t-space studio.

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