Almanac of Contemporary Aesthetics
20 EUR
Series of 4 books
Softcover with dust jacket
28 x 22 cm
Language: English

Published by KALEIDOSCOPE and Spazio Maiocchi on the occasion of solo exhibitions hosted at Spazio Maiocchi between 2017 and 2018.

“Darja Bajagić: Sketchbooks' features a collection of collages exhibited alongside a series of paintings at the intersection of Minimalism and digital appropriation. Bajagić’s work addresses subjects as extreme as sex and violence, challenging the viewer’s perspective and complicating binary notions of morality.

“Anna Uddenberg: SPA” consists of an exploration of the notions of performativity, gender roles, and social hierarchy in consumer culture. The artist book presents a selection of Uddenberg’s objects, both alien and familiar, mesmerizing and repelling, exuding the pleasure of excessive comfort reminiscent of a spa or wellness center.

The book “Timur Si-Qin: A New Protocol” presents the artist’s digitally rendered landscapes and elaborates on the conceptual foundations of New Peace, a proposal for a new mysticism. Stemming from a rethinking of the anthropocene, Si-Qin communicates a new sense of non-dualistic and secular spirituality, adapted for the future.

"TELFAR: Nude”, a book of images by New York photographer Jason Nocito, completes the brand’s first fashion presentation in Italy—an exhibition without a single garment, centered on artist collaborations, eloquent to the progressive aesthetics and artistic DNA of the brand which laid the blueprint for today’s black avant-garde.
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