Almanac of Contemporary Aesthetics
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30 EUR

Softcover, 144 pages
19 x 27,5 cm

ISBN: 978-88-97185-14-7

Language: English, German

Designed by Teo Schifferli
With texts by Caroline Busta, Theresa Patzschke

This book published by KALEIDOSCOPE is the first retrospective monograph dedicated to the work of Swiss artist Tobias Spichtig, offering a complete survey of the artist’s multi-faceted production from 2014–2018.

The catalogue, designed by Swiss-based art direction firm Kasper-Florio with Samuel Bänziger, features an essay by Caroline Busta and fictional stories by Theresa Patzschke.

Inspired by fashion iconology, typography, and ornaments, Spichtig’s paintings investigate the duality of the sign, intended both as global and personal at the same time. The canvases—deriving from vinyl prints of appropriated images and iPhone shots heat pressed onto the surface and subsequently painted with oil—investigate the nature of the painting as the ultimate luxury: an image that will last forever. His works are often installed in spaces that he fills wall-to-wall with multiples of a single type of domestic consumer good—mattresses, kitchen tables, refrigerators, couches—creating claustrophobic theatrical scenarios.

Tobias Spichtig (Swiss, b.1982) is an artist who lives and works in Zürich and Berlin. His work has been exhibited in institutions and galleries worldwide, including CFA, Berlin; Spazio Maiocchi, Milan; Centre d'Art Contemporain - La Synagogue, Delme; SALTS, Basel; and Museum Folkwang, Essen.

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