KALEIDOSCOPE's new issue 41 (Fall/Winter 2022) launches with a set of six covers, and a revamped look.

KALEIDOSCOPE is a biannual “almanac of contemporary aesthetics,” the meeting place for a global community of creative minds, drawn by an audacious art direction and contributions from visionary artists, writers and image-makers.
The magazine’s experimental approach also expands to our creative projects in print, online and live—as is best exemplified by the programming of Spazio Maiocchi, our home and exhibition space in Milan, and our annual festival MANIFESTO in Paris.

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1017 ALYX 9SM

Kaleidoscope SM markflood DSC6560
Kaleidoscope SM markflood DSC6483 B
Kaleidoscope SM markflood DSC6581
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Kaleidoscope SM markflood DSC6495 B
Kaleidoscope SM markflood DSC6596

KALEIDOSCOPE presents a solo exhibition by Houston-based artist Mark Flood (b. 1957), curated by Alessio Ascari, currently on view until 20 January at Spazio Maiocchi in Milan. In his paintings, Flood deploys the detritus of contemporary culture—slogans, celebrities, logos, and memes—to mock American society and the elitist art world. The exhibition also provided the scenography for the runway presentation of the 1017 ALYX 9SM Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Read more


50 EUR
Giger Sorayama
80 EUR


50 EUR

Hardcover, 60 pages
26 x 32,5 cm

ISBN 978-88-971852-22

Language: English

Published by KALEIDOSCOPE, edited by Alessio Ascari, and designed by Swiss-based art direction firm Kasper-Florio, “Erik Brunetti: Oval Parody” is a new artist book published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same title at Spazio Maiocchi, Milan.

Inspired by FUCT’s now defunct parody of the Ford logo—the iconic graphics that cemented Brunetti’s authority as the original subverter of what is now called streetwear, and played a key early role in establishing reappropriation as a fundamental gesture within its lexicon—“Oval Parody” centers on a new series of twelve acrylic paintings furthering Brunetti’s thought-provoking feedback loop of reference, interpretation, and creation. 

Featuring an essay by Adam Wray, the book is punctuated by Brunetti’s annotations, first-hand anecdotes, and rarely-seen images stemming directly from FUCT’s archives. 

Erik Brunetti (American, b. 1967) is an American artist, designer, and founder of the cult Los Angeles brand FUCT.